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Please completely read all of the following information.

Mandatory requirements for track and soccer tryouts:

·     Completed COVID waiver (download on the side)

·     Bengal Card (proof of physical on file) – obtained from school nurse
If your child does not have a current physical on file and does not have a completed waiver they will be unable to try out/participate.  
 ***Your child may still participate even if they forgot to sign up on the tryout list at school.***

 Important information:

·     Locker rooms are closed (must wear tryout clothing to school)

·     Bring a water bottle (filling stations are available but drinking fountains are not)
Soccer Tryouts are Monday April 5th after school until 5pm
Track Practice starts on Tuesday, April 6th after school.
·     Due to one sport limit – anyone that doesn’t make the soccer team may still run track

Coaches are excited to have a season and are looking forward to seeing your athlete on the field.

If you have questions, email Dan Baker, Athletic Director at





Boys’ Soccer

Girls’ Soccer

1st day of practice Tuesday, April 6

Tryouts: Monday, April 5

Tryouts: Monday, April 5

Time: 2:45 to 4:15

Time: 2:45 to 5pm

Time: 2:45 to 5pm


Must have current physical on file.  Please check with the nurse and bring your Bengal Card to tryouts.


Q:  What is a “Bengal Card”?

A:  A “Bengal Card” is a card that is proof that you have a physical on file.


Q:  How do you get a “Bengal Card”?

A:  Go to the Benjamin Health Office and ask the nurse if you have a physical on file.  If you do, then she will give you a “Bengal Card”.  If you DO NOT have a physical on file, then you will have to tell your parents that you need to get a current physical.


Q:  What do you do with the “Bengal Card” once you get it from the nurse?

A:  You need to put it in a special spot (maybe tape it inside your backpack) until the first day of tryouts.  On the first day of tryouts you have to give the “Bengal Card” to the coach.  This is your ticket into tryouts!