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** The meet on Sept. 17 has been changed from Harvest to Red Hawk Park. Because this location is so close to Benjamin, a bus is not provided. Parents must arrange a ride for your child to and from the meet.



Benjamin Parents Guide To Cross Country


Welcome! Your son or daughter has joined the Benjamin Bengals Cross Country Team.


What is Cross Country?


The Sport of Cross Country is a competitive team sport offered in the fall for students in grades 5 through 8. Teams consist of five or more runners who all race together at the same time with other teams. The top five finishers from each team are scored and their finishing places are added up for the team score. The lowest score wins. Most races are usually two miles. The courses are generally run across grassy fields, wooded paths, and may have a mixture of hills.


One positive aspect of cross country is that everyone competes! All members of the team run the same course.  Unlike other team sports, there are no cuts, and no bench. At every meet ALL athletes participate.


Our philosophy is fairly simple:

  • Everyone is important, unique, and contributes
  • All athletes are encouraged to reach their potential
  • Everyone can attain their personal best
  • We want to have fun, train hard, and race well
  • We want to inspire a love of running and fitness


          Your child’s ability to run is not that important to the coaches. Long distance running skills can be taught and developed. What we are primarily looking for is commitment, desire, and effort. We want our athletes to make every effort to attend each practice, strive to improve, and to work hard to get there.


          Success in cross country is not measured in wins and losses, but rather in the improved times of our runners and achieving personal bests as the season progresses. With effort, success is within the reach of each child that participates in this program.





Cross Country 2019


We will be using the app called, “remind” for notifications throughout the season. 


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Coach Contact

Head Coach:  Mr. Wadman

Asst. Coach: Miss Milner