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Benjamin Middle School



Do you like to take photos?

Right Now it is All about the Photographs!

Photographers are needed for each grade level, so any 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grader interested in taking school pictures can join. Beginning September 5th, we will meet Thursday mornings right before school at 7:20 so students can get their Photo Assignments. Students in Yearbook will not go to line-up on Thursdays, but will enter the building and go to Mrs. Burkholder's room 110.

In January, Yearbook staff who want to create and edit the Yearbook will start to meet Tuesdays after school until 3:35. Perfect attendance is not necessary, as long as staff checks in with Mrs. Burkholder, as they can go on-line and work on their pages at home. The most important part of yearbook is attending school functions and taking pictures of the activities and clubs.

Yearbook Club is a fun club for students who like photography, working on the computer, and layout design. Yearbook members have an important job for the school in publishing and selling a product that they are responsible for creating. Past Yearbook staff members have said it was the most worthwhile activity of their year. The Yearbooks have been beautiful and Mrs. Burkholder has been thrilled with not only the finished yearbooks, but also with the dedication and commitment of her staff.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Burkholder about this very worthwhile and rewarding club.


Yearbook Editors and Photographers

Beginning Tuesdays in January, students will meet with Mrs. Burkholder in the room 201 Computer Lab to begin the process of creating the yearbook. Editors can also be photographers or just be editors. They do not have to do both. Likewise, the current photographers can continue to be photographers and not be editors, or they can do both. Tuesday meetings will be held after school until 3:30, but I always stay until 3:45 if they want to stay later.

Editors design the yearbook, organize how the yearbook will be arranged, and create the pages. They receive a username and password for the Jostens website which enables them to work on their pages from home if needed.

Photographers take all the photos needed for the yearbook. It is not necessary for Photographers to come to the after school meetings, but they should still be checking in with me if they want to take photos.