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On this page, you will find a wide variety of resources to make you a better musician including links, program, and interesting information. Enjoy exploring!
Practice Tools:
Metronome: Use this tool to develop rock solid time in your practice and performance.
Practice with these tuning drones on a set of speakers. Play with great support and listen for intonation.
All things drumming and percussion! This website has lessons and resources for just about everything.
Here is the direct link to the rudiments lessons and workouts.
Listen to recordings of some of your favorite band pieces. They often have high quality recordings that can't be found elsewhere.
Become a better sight-reader with these two websites that generate exercises for you on the spot.
Music Theory Links:
This site has it all! It has great links to just about every musical concept a young music student should strive to master. 
Compose your own music with this free software. Students are set up with special logins through Mr. Turek
Online Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) similar to garage band but it let's you save projects on the cloud.
Print out your own staff paper to jot down musical ideas.
These sites can teach you and let you practice music theory skills. You can explore the way music works.
Here is another great theory site. I especially love the game "Paced Note Names" for getting more familiar with the notes on the staff.
Another great game for more fluent note reading.
Curious how your favorite songs are made? This site lets you analyze a long list of poplar songs and you can create your own.
Build your musical vocabulary with these websites.
Take that musical vocabulary to practice with this database of music terms and examples from band music where they can be found.
These video lessons walk you through the way different masterpieces work and the history behind them.
Get Inspired:
Listen to your favorite music on spotify in new ways! This site organizes your playlists according to musical characteristics like tempo, popularity, loudness, danceability, etc. 
Learn some jazz tunes from this excellent resource:
Jazz Resource Library:
Find some fun rock and roll tunes to learn on guitar, keyboards, bass, or drumset: