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Benjamin Middle School


Jazz Band

Jazz Band 

6th Grade Jazz Band rehearses every Friday during study skills.
7th and 8th Grade Jazz Band will follow the schedule below for 2020. Please note the different times depending on your instrument.
7/8 Jazz Band Horns ONLY
Rehearsals alternate between Monday Morning, Wednesday directly after school, and Wednesday from 3:45-4:45 due to student conflicts and staff meetings. Students and families need to reach out to make accommodations to be present for all rehearsals. Rides will be a challenge that will require help from other members of the band when possible!
    o Wednesday, January 8th 3:45-4:45
    o Wednesday, January 15th 3:45-4:45
    o Wednesday, January 22nd After School until 3:45
    o Wednesday, January 29th After School until 3:45
    o Wednesday, February 5th 3:45-4:45
    o Wednesday, February 12th 3:45-4:45
    o Wednesday, February 19th After School until 3:45
    o Wednesday, February 26th After School until 3:45
    o Wednesday, March 4th 3:45-4:45
    o Wednesday, March 11th 3:45-4:45
Jazz Band Rhythm Section Members (Drums, Keys)
 Friday Mornings at 7:00
    o January 10
    o January 17
    o NO Practice on January 24
    o January 31
    o February 7
    o February 14
    o February 21
    o March 6
    o March 13- Last Rhythm Section ONLY rehearsal, moves to full group rehearsals

    o MONDAY, March 16th at 7:00AM
    o Wednesday, March 25th After School until 3:45
    o Wednesday, April 8th 3:45-4:45
    o MONDAY, April 13th at 7:00AM
    o THURSDAY, April 23rd After School until 3:45
    o Wednesday, April 29th After School until 3:45
    o Wednesday, May 6th 3:45-4:45

Jazz Band Gigs
• 7/8 Jazz Band at La Quinta de los Reyes in Aurora 36 E New York St, Aurora, IL 60506
    o April 14th – performance time is 6:30-7:15. 6:00PM call time
• Mother’s Day Jazz Dinner
    o Friday, May 8th from 6:00-8:00

    o Jazz Club style dinner and performance featuring food and performances from all your favorite Benjamin Jazz Ensembles and some guest artists.


The best thing to do as a young jazz musician is LISTEN. Do not know where to start? Check out this playlist:

Find someone who plays the same instrument as your child and listen to it together. Follow what interests you! If you like, find more. If not, keep digging and give it time to sink in. There is so much good stuff out there and bands to follow. Some important figures that led influential bands:

Louis Armstrong

Duke Ellington

Count Basie

Bennie Goodman

Glen Miller

There is so much more and lots of literture out there. I myself am working through this list currently: