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Daily Announcements

Town Hall meeting with Dr. Woell
Benjamin - May 19 - 7:00pm
Evergreen - May 20 - 7:00pm
Pick up and drop off of school belongings is Tuesday, May 19; 5th through 7th ONLY. We ask that you come during the designated times to keep things running smoothly:

● A-B 9-9:30
● C-F 9:30-10:00
● G-I 10:00-10:30
● J-L 10:30-11:00
● M-N 11:00-11:30
● O-Q 11:30-12:00
● R 12::00-12:30
● S-T 12:30-1:00
● U-Z 1:00-1:30

* 8th grade will pick up and drop off items on Tuesday; May 26t
Feedback Fridays - 
May 1st, May 8th, May 15th, and  May 22nd are all going to be what we call Feedback Fridays.  These are not Remote Learning Planning Days and are not a day off for students or teachers, but instead will be a chance for students to catch up on work and to reach out to teachers for feedback. Teachers may still have Q&A Zoom sessions, but no new instruction or assignments will be given on these days. 
These days will encourage feedback and student questions and will also allow for students to catch up on their work completion percentage.  

Upcoming News

8th Grade Summer Math & Reading

This is information from WCCHS for all incoming Freshmen. If you are currently an 8th grade student at Benjamin Middle School, attending West Chicago High School in the fall of 2020, please click on the full article for complete details for summer work.
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Online Bullying Reporting Tool

SafeSchools Alert is Benjamin Middle School's online bullying/incident reporting tool. To access this site please click on the title above.